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Why should I choose Q Link Wireless over other Lifeline providers?

There are many reasons Q Link Wireless is America’s fastest growing free Lifeline cell phone  and service provider. Every qualified applicant will receive a high-quality smartphone plus 500 free minutes every month AND unlimited texting—for free. We always provide reliable nationwide coverage, text messaging, voicemail, 911 emergency calling, and nationwide calling! Our subscribers enjoy no monthly bills, no fees, no credit check, no surcharges, and no contracts.

Q Link Wireless differs from other Lifeline providers because we provide each new subscriber with a high-quality smartphone capable of connecting to Wi-Fi for internet access. Our customers can access email, download apps, play games, and surf the web. Plus we offer the MOST minutes and UNLIMITED texting!

AND customers receive the best and most attentive customer support. We offer many ways for customers to reach us whenever they may have a question. One of our friendly Customer Support Representatives may be reached by phone or email. We also offer a comprehensive automated phone system so Q Link customers can access information any time of the day or night! Q Link Wireless truly is the helping hand to tens of millions of qualified eligible people.


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