Q Link Wireless

Lifeline Features

Q Link Wireless is the nation’s fastest-growing provider of free Lifeline cell phone and service. Our service offers an incredible value to low-income individuals in need of high-quality wireless phone service.

There are so many reasons why you should see if you’re eligible for Q Link Wireless’ Lifeline service today. Some of our favorite Lifeline features are explained below.

International Calling

Q Link Wireless offers international calling, allowing you to reach over 100 international long distance destinations, depending on your minute plan*. With Q Link Wireless, you never have to be disconnected from your family and friends who live overseas!

If your plan allows international calling, simply dial 011, the destination’s country code, the city code, the phone number and then press send or dial. You can also store the international number in your phone’s contact list so you can recall the number in just seconds.

* International calling is only included on our 68 Free Monthly Minute Plan.

Text Messaging

Your free monthly minutes include both talking and text messaging services! As a Q Link Wireless subscriber, you will receive your free monthly minutes, which you may use for talking, texting or both talking and text messaging combined.*

Text messages sent by Q Link Wireless will not count against your free minutes. The “charge” to send or receive a text varies and depends on your plan.

To learn how to send and receive text messages on your Q Link Wireless cell phone, please check your user manual here.

* Some plans may include unlimited text messaging.


As a Q Link Wireless subscriber, you’ll enjoy free voicemail service. Any unanswered phone calls will be automatically sent to voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off.

To set up the voicemail service on your Q Link phone simply turn on your phone, and then press and hold 1. You can then follow the easy voice prompts to finish setting up your voicemail.

If you forget your voicemail password, you can always have Customer Service reset it by dialing *611 from your Q Link phone or calling 1-855-754-6543.

Caller ID

Your Q Link Wireless cell phone will feature Caller ID, which lets you see who is calling or text messaging you. If the person calling you is someone you have entered in your cell phone address book, the name of that entry will also be displayed.

Caller ID is a great feature to have, because it gives you the opportunity to ignore the phone call, letting you save minutes for when you really need them. You can also use Caller ID block, which will protect your privacy when dialing out.

To set up Caller ID block, please refer to your user manual here.

Call Waiting

Another Lifeline feature is the ability to use call waiting on your Q Link Wireless cell phone. Call waiting lets you put your current phone call on hold and answer another incoming call. Or, you can ignore the second call and send it to your voicemail. Minutes will be deducted for all phone calls.

For instructions on using call waiting on your Q Link Wireless cell phone, please find your device in the user manual and follow the specific guidelines.

3-Way Calling

Adding another person to your current phone call is easy with 3-way calling!

This feature allows you to call another person and add them to your current phone conversation. You will be deducted minutes for all phone calls. Find out how to use 3-way calling on your Q Link Wireless cell phone by referring to your user manual.