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Annual Recertification

How long can I have Q Link Wireless’ service?

As a Q Link Wireless customer, you will receive a free cell phone and free wireless minutes for 12 months of service. After a year of service, you will need to recertify your eligibility for the Lifeline Assistance program. This is called an Annual Recertification. If you do not recertify within the specified time period, your free Lifeline cell phone service will be cancelled. We will contact you annually to verify that you are still enrolled in a government assistance program or that your income still meets your state’s Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Remember, you must inform us if you no longer qualify for Lifeline service, if you change your address, or if your income changes. If you no longer qualify but would like to continue as a Q Link Wireless customer, we will be happy to tell you about our prepaid plans.

To continue keeping your phone service active, you should use your phone at least once every 30 days.

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