Activate My Phone

Your Q Link Connection is Always On When You Are In Control.
Login to My Q Link to Activate Your Phone!

3 Easy Steps to Activate!

  1. Login to My Q Link
    Username is your email and Password is your ZIP code, unless previously changed.

  2. Follow Steps
    Once logged in, you'll be directed to your phone activation instructions.

  3. Make a Test Call
    Place a call to 305-260-6232 to ensure your activation was successful.

Am I In The Right Place?

Activation is for new AND current Customers!
Do you need to activate:

  • Your first ever phone with Q Link
  • A phone you've previously used on your Q Link account
  • A replacement or upgraded Q Link phone
  • Your own Q Link-compatible smartphone

If any of these apply to you....
you're in the right place to activate your phone!

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