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Does my Q Link phone come with a SIM or memory card?

No, your Q Link cell phone does not come with a SIM or memory card.
Q Link Wireless’ phones do not require SIM cards, nor have a SIM card port for use. SIM cards, which stand for Subscriber Identity Module cards, are not required on the wireless network that Q Link Wireless uses.

A memory card is a small electronic data storage device used for storing digital information. They are commonly used in digital cameras, laptops, MP3 players and cell phones. If your phone is asking you to insert a memory card, it means that you have run out of storage on your Q Link phone. You may purchase a memory card at any major electronic retail store.

If you need assistance with inserting your memory card, or where your memory card slot is located on your Q Link phone, please refer to your phone’s user manual. You may find your user manual in the Phone User Manuals section, or search on www.google.com by entering your phone’s manufacturer make and model number.

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