1. What can I do with data on my phone?

Q Link Wireless now offers data Q Link Lifeline customers, at the lowest rates around!

Data can be used for email, web browsing, videos, music, social media, downloads, and more.

The chart below shows the maximum amount you can use for that one item only. You can mix and match your data usage as you choose. For example, if you have 500MB of data, you can use Google Maps for 4 hours and Skype Video for 1 hour.

Q Link offers a variety of data packages, ranging from 100MB to 3GB, 5GB, or even unlimited data! Plus, if you select one of our new bundles, you’ll also receive unlimited calling for the duration of the bundle! Just click here to check out our plans, and add low-cost data to your phone now, using our fast and easy online shopping. Access the internet on the go today!


* Numbers above are APPROXIMATE, based on average consumption.

2. I have a smartphone. How can I call friends and family in other countries?

If you are not on our 68 minutes plan, you can still keep in touch with family and friends around the world!

Many free apps will allow you to make free calls (or even video calls!) to anywhere in the world. By connecting to an available Wi-Fi signal, you can download apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Make sure your family member or friend has the same app on their phone, tablet, or computer.

For information on how to connect your phone to an available Wi-Fi signal, check your phone’s user manual here.

To download and set up one of these apps, click the link below:

3. What is the Refer-A-Friend program, and how do I participate?

Our Refer-A-Friend program is an easy way for you to get 100 free bonus minutes and to spread the word about Q Link’s free Lifeline service. To participate, simply refer your friends and family members who do not live with you to Q Link Wireless, and have them apply by visiting www.qlinkwireless.com.

You will get 100 free minutes credited to your account for each qualified person that is approved and receives their Q Link phone.

The easiest way to get your 100 bonus minutes is to email customer support at support@qlinkwireless.com with your name and enrollment ID (or your Q Link phone number), along with the name and enrollment ID (or their Q Link phone number) of each person you referred.

4. Is Q Link Wireless’ website secure?

The security of your personal information is extremely important to us, so all Q Link Wireless web pages, including the ones that contain sensitive information (such as your date of birth), are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This means your personal information is kept private and can only be seen by our administrators and you. SSL is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. Examples of websites where you will find SSL includes online banking and trusted ecommerce websites.

There are several ways to verify the security of a website. The easiest way is to check if the URL starts with HTTPS instead of the unsecured HTTP protocol. Secure pages also have a small padlock icon on the bottom or the top of the screen.


7. Where can I check the coverage in my area?

Q Link Wireless has outstanding national coverage that reaches more than 280 million people! However, coverage is not available everywhere. Network coverage depends on the area, weather, signal strength, traffic volumes, service outages, technical limitations, and other factors. Coverage and service areas may vary and change without notice.

We strive to only offer service in the areas where coverage is available. The easiest way to check the coverage in your area is to apply online here. If you live in an area where network coverage does not reach you, the system will let you know before submitting your application.

9. Can I get a free ringtone or wallpaper?

Although we do not provide free ringtones or free wallpapers with Q Link cell phones, you may find them online by visiting www.google.com and searching for “free ringtone” or “free wallpaper”.

Please refer to your user manual for how to change your ringtone or wallpaper, if your phone allows it. You may find your user manual in the Phone User Manuals section.

11. What is the difference between a SMS, an MMS, and a text message?

SMS and “text messages” are the same service. SMS, which stands for “Short Message Service,” is basically another name for a text message. 

MMS stands for “Multimedia Messaging Service.” MMS messages include any pictures or videos sent via text message. 

Unlimited SMS and MMS messages are included in Q Link Wireless plans, at no extra cost. To learn how to send a text, picture, or video message on your Q Link phone, please refer to your user manual, which may be found in the Phone User Manual section. Or, visit www.google.com and enter your phone’s manufacturer make and model number, along with “download user manual” and click search.

12. What is an Electronic Serial Number, or ESN?

An Electronic Serial Number (ESN) is a specific number that identifies a cell phone in the United States. Cell phone networks use the ESN to identify and provide service to the phone. Your phone may not have an ESN, but something called a Mobile Equipment Identifier, or MEID.

Please note that we will only perform an ESN or MEID swap if you are switching service to your previous Q Link cell phone. You may not switch service to any other phone.

Typically the ESN or MEID is found underneath the phone’s battery. Go here for help with finding your phone’s ESN or MEID.

13. I don’t like my replacement phone. Can I re-active my old Q Link cell phone?

Yes, you can re-active your previous Q Link cell phone at any time. To complete your request, you must have your previous Q Link phone’s Electronic Serial Number, or ESN (this may be called an “MEID” on your phone). Here’s more information about what an ESN is.

Please note that we will only complete this request if you want to re-activate your previous Q Link cell phone. You may not activate any other phone.

Typically the ESN or MEID is found underneath the phone’s battery. Here’s instructions for finding your phone’s ESN.

14. How do I find my phone’s ESN or MEID?

Finding your phone’s Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) is easy. There are two ways to find your Q Link cell phone’s ESN or MEID:

  • Underneath your phone’s battery, simply remove your phone’s back cover and battery and look for “ESN” or “MEID”, and the number will follow.
  • In your Q Link cell phone’s Settings, go to “Settings” > “About Device” > “Status”.