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How do I check my minutes?

You can check your available minutes balance at anytime by dialing 611 from your Q Link phone. Once you hear the message, press 6 from your phone, then press 2 and then press 1.

For fast and easy access, you can also see your usage details, as well as your remaining voice and text minutes by simply going to www.qlinkwireless.com/Login.

Then, enter in your username (that’s your email) and your password (that’s your zip code, unless you previously changed it). Then click “Login.”

Once logged in, click on “View Usage/Minutes” under “My Q Link” on the right-hand side of the page.

Your current available minutes will be shown next to “Minutes Remaining” in the Your Minutes section. You can check your remaining available minutes anytime online.

minutes remaining

Once you select "View Usage", you will see your Usage Details, which shows you the originating and receiving phone number, the date and time the call or text was placed, the minutes used and whether the usage was a call or text.

minutes usage
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