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How do I buy more minutes?

If you need more minutes, you can buy more online at anytime. Our super-low rates even allow you to use your Q Link phone to replace your current prepaid service.

Here are our available refill options*:

  • $10 – 50 Anytime Minutes/30 Days Service
  • $20 – 100 Anytime Minutes/30 Days Service
  • $30 – 150 Anytime Minutes/30 Days Service
  • $35 – 200 Anytime Minutes/60 Days Service
  • $50 – 500 Anytime Minutes/60 Days Service
  • $60 – Unlimited Anytime Minutes/30 Days Service

You can buy more minutes in a matter of seconds using our express checkout. To add minutes, click here and select how many minutes you would like.

express checkout Q Link

Then, simply enter your Q Link phone number and finish the checkout.

express checkout Q Link

You must use a debit card or credit card to purchase more minutes. If you don’t have a debit or credit card, you can purchase a prepaid gift card to use for buying your minutes
*Rates are subject to change.

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