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How to Prepare for March

March is the third month of the year and the perfect time to look toward a bright future. Spring is around the corner, Saint Patrick’s Day, basketball fans have a reason to cheer and daylight savings begins. Let’s explore all the reasons why March might be the best month of the year!

Spring is coming
Shoveling sidewalks, bundling up in layers of clothes and not wanting to leave the house are the mainstays of winter. There may still be a few lingering cold days, but they are decreasing. This is the perfect time to start anticipating and planning for spring cleaning. The best way to start is to declutter.
• Move winter blankets from bedrooms and the living room into a trunk or closet to be forgotten about until the first/next chilly day.
• Clean out the kitchen cabinets of food that did not get eaten over winter.
• Set up an empty box or bin in the center of your house and place items that won’t be used until October.

Before you know it, you’ll have a jumpstart on spring cleaning.

Saint Patrick’s Day
America has adopted the Irish holiday as their own and has even put their own spin on it. Did you know that blue is actually Saint Patrick’s official color? America changed the original blue color of St. Patrick’s day to green to show Irish pride. And a harp, not a shamrock, is the official symbol of the Emerald Isle. Q Link Wireless will be giving you a few ideas in another article on how to decorate your house for the special day.

Basketball fans unite
Starting during the second week of March and lasting until the first week of April, March Madness grips the nation. Essentially, March Madness is when college basketball takes center stage with single-elimination tournaments. The winners will be hailed as the national champions of college basketball.

Daylight savings begins
Driving or taking public transportation to work in the dark can seem like one long night. When we spring forward on March 19, we welcome the return of light. However, kids and a number of adults are especially sensitive to any sleep reduction. During the ten days after the hour change, sleep quality is reduced by 10 percent. The change throws off your circadian rhythm, your 24-hour cycle of life. Make the transition a bit easier for your household by moving up bedtimes 20 minutes each night the week before and move your dinnertime up accordingly.

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