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6 Communication Tips for COVID-19

Everyone handles complex emotions differently. Some people are happy to work through their emotions by speaking to others, while some choose to remain quiet. Help everyone around you out by practicing these communication tips. The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and many are unsure of how they should handle the situation....
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How to Prepare for March

March is the third month of the year and the perfect time to look toward a bright future. Spring is around the corner, Saint Patrick’s Day, basketball fans have a reason to cheer and daylight savings begins. Let’s explore all the reasons why March might be the best month of...
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Should You Call or Send a Text?

Everyone knows you shouldn’t pick up your phone when you are talking to someone else, driving on highways or watching a movie. However, there are now a few gray areas when it comes to the right way to communicate. It may not be clear as to when talking or texting...
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How to Be Kind to Your Neighbors

    Now is the perfect time to demonstrate how our actions can positively impact others. Let’s explore how to brighten the day of seniors, single mothers and the overall community by using your phone. Seniors Most senior citizens spend their days by themselves. An absolute delight to them would...
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How Your Smartphone Can Keep You Healthy

Getting fit and staying healthy can seem like a full-time job. With all the different apps and conflicting information available online, it can be tricky to know where to start. To live a healthy lifestyle, some factors to focus on include exercise, a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and most importantly,...
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Your Guide to Internet Lingo

Considering how much time we all spend online, it is not surprising that the Internet has developed a language of its own. The cornerstone of Internet lingo is to say as much as you can in as little space as possible, whether that is with shorter words or a simply...
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