Friday, February 21, 2020

Celebrating Black History Jesse Russell: Digital Cell Phone Innovator

  While no single person is credited for inventing the cellular phone, one fact that’s irrefutable is Jesse Russell’s contribution to the development of the digital cell phone and to the wireless communication industry overall. Considered a pioneer in the industry, Russell was one of the first to recognize the enormous potential for mobile devices, which at the time were mainly used in cars or in other vehicles to communicate. These devices, however, lacked the power required to transmit signals to a cell tower. Then along came Russell and his...

How to Celebrate National Break Up with Your Carrier Day: You deserve the best wireless service

Ways your old carrier was all wrong for you: 1. You deserve better treatment. 2. They only liked you for your money. 3. Making decisions is really your thing. February 14 is the day to honor the connections between loved ones. As such, February 13 is usually the day to rush around collecting chocolates, flowers and trinkets. The day before Valentine’s Day, however, provides the perfect opportunity to break up with your current wireless carrier and switch to a government program for free phone service. You deserve a two-way relationship....
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