Q Link Wireless

Lifeline Features

  • International Calling
  • Text Messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling

International Direct Dial is the most convenient way to make international calls from a cell phone.

Just dial 011, the country code, city code and phone number, it's really that simple!

We make international calling even easier with One Touch Dialing. Just store your international phone numbers in your cell phone. For mobile calls, use the menu to recall the number and simply press SEND.

Q Link Wireless cell phones automatically get our outstanding international rates on all your mobile calls.

Mobile Calls: To place an international call from the U.S. Dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number.

Mobile Calls: To use One Touch Dialing please refer to your handset manual for the specific instructions to store the phone numbers on your particular handset model.

Our international rate cell phone plan excludes standard airtime minutes when placing calls originating in the US within our nationwide coverage area. International mobile calls placed from the U.S. outside the nationwide coverage area will incur additional roaming charges.

This mobile plan is standard to registered prepaid phones with Q Link Wireless.

Text Messaging on Q Link Wireless cell phones:

  1. Select "Messaging" from your phone Menu.
  2. Type the text using your keypad.
  3. Enter the phone number or email address where you wish to send the message.
  4. Press "SEND" and you're done!

For more detailed instructions about sending and receiving text messages on Q Link Wireless cell phones check your phone's user manual on text messaging or call our Customer Service Center.

Q Link Wireless alerts you by text message about your remaining mobile minutes. Text messages from Q Link Wireless do not count against your minutes.

A charge applies for incoming and outgoing text messages. This will affect your total mobile minutes available. A higher rate will apply for international outgoing text messages from cell phones.

All cell phones from Q Link Wireless have voicemail and mobile message service.

Q Link Wireless cell phones answer all your calls and takes voice messages when you're not available. Any unanswered calls are automatically sent to your voicemail. This happens when your phone is in use or powered off.

All Q Link Wireless Cell Phones Include Voicemail

On Q Link Wireless cell phones you'll be able to receive any voicemail or mobile message from a call you may have missed. To get started, follow the steps below to set up and retrieve your voicemail. If you forget the pass code you set up with your cell phone plan, you can have it reset by calling Customer Service (611).

How to Set Up Your Voice Mailbox

  1. Press and hold the number "1" key.
  2. Follow the voice prompts.

Retrieving your Voicemail Messages

  1. Press and hold the number "1" key.
  2. Follow the voice prompts.

Q Link Wireless cell phone's Caller ID lets you see the phone number for most incoming calls or mobile message senders. You'll know who's calling your Q Link Wireless cell phone before answering. If you don't want to answer the incoming call, let it go to voicemail or ignore the mobile message sent.

If the person calling you is someone you have entered in your cell phone address book, the name of that entry will also be displayed.

You can also protect your privacy with Caller ID Block. To use Caller ID Block just dial *67 from your cell phone. Then enter the phone number you wish to dial and press SEND.

You must dial this each time you want to use Caller ID Block. To make your cell phone number permanently private, consult your phone's User Guide for detailed instructions on how to use your Caller ID Block.

All of Q Link's phones use Call Waiting, which lets you receive an incoming call when you're on another call. After a notification, you can put the first call on hold and answer the second call. You can also decide not to accept the second call and it will be sent to voicemail. All phones will incur airtime and any applicable long distance and roaming charges to cell phones or other land lines for both calls simultaneously.

Using Call Waiting

Consult your phone's User Guide for detailed instructions on how to use Call Waiting.

  • Push the Send, OK, or Talk button on your phone for about one half-second.
  • Your first call is now on hold and you can talk to the second caller.
  • To alternate between the two calls, press the Send, OK, or Talk button again.

You can add a third person to your current phone conversation. Regular airtime charges, including long distance and roaming (if applicable) are charged for all cell phone calls.

Using Three-Way Calling

Add a third party on new mobile phone

  1. Dial the number of the third party, including area code, while the original party is on your cell phone.
  2. Press the Send button, which dials the third party and puts your original call on hold. (The name of the Send button may say Yes, Talk, OK or display a picture of a green handset on Q Link Wireless cell phones. Details for your particular phone are available in your User Guide included with all mobile phones).
  3. To establish cell calls with the three-way call, press Send again either before or after the third party answers
  4. If the third party is busy or does not answer, press Send once to disconnect the third party.
  5. A different third party can be added by repeating the first two steps.