Emergency Broadband Benefit
Q Link Wireless is dedicated to helping our customers who are currently facing hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we are doing everything possible to keep customers connected during these continued unprecedented times. In response to recent legislation, we’re proud to announce that we will be offering the new Emergency Broadband Benefit as part of the COVID-19 relief effort.
We’re here to help answer all your questions while keeping you connected to virtual schooling, remote work, telehealth and more.
What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program?
The Emergency Broadband Benefit, or EBB, is a limited-time program that provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service and certain connected devices. This program is funded by the US government's COVID-19 relief efforts and operated by the FCC. Qualifying customers will receive UNLIMITED Data, Talk, Text & New Tablet for a limited amount of time. This is a non-transferrable discount program limited to one per household. Click here for more information on the EBB.
How can Q Link Wireless help me through the pandemic?
By offering Americans UNLIMITED FREE Data, Talk, and Text, Q Link Wireless gives those in need the opportunity to thrive as we move through unprecedented times. Connect to the world with UNLIMITED Data right from the palm of your hand.
Who qualifies for the EBB?
You can qualify for the EBB through participation in the same government programs as Lifeline such as:
Federal Public Housing Assistance
Veterans Survivors Pension Benefits Fund and more
Additionally, you may be eligible if your household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty level, or if you are currently unemployed.
How long will the EBB last?
The EBB is a limited-time program that will begin on May 12, 2021. It will end after the Public Health Emergency no longer exists, or as deemed by the FCC. We will notify all customers of any changes to the program as they happen.
What happens after the program ends?
When the EBB Program ends, all plans will revert to the standard Lifeline plan offered at that time. Customers may also choose to keep the UNLIMITED plan, however, they will be subject to all standard rates. You may continue to receive your current Lifeline plan without enrolling in the EBB Program.
How do I get a New tablet ^ ?
EBB-eligible customers will receive a one-time, non-transferable device discount to receive a new tablet to navigate through these unprecedented times. We will invoice you $10.01 after application of the EBBP device discount. Customers may pay the balance of the invoice when it is convenient for them. This is a limited-time offer, subject to product availability. Click here to learn more.
Is there anything else I should know?
The EBB program and device discount only allows one discount per household. Eligible customers can also obtain EBB-supported broadband service from any participating provider of their choosing and a subscriber can transfer their Emergency Broadband Benefit to another provider at any time.
What happens when I opt in?
By opting in, Q Link will collect, use, and share your personal information to verify your eligibility in the EBB program with the Universal Service Administration (USAC) to ensure proper administration of the EBB service and/or connected device benefits. To see full terms Click here.
For further information, please visit our EBB T&Cs page.
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